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Ozone Swim Ozonator Chlorinator for pools – kills bacteria and viruses

₱135,000.00 (Fixed)

Price : ₱135,000.00 (Fixed)
Type : Buy
Date : May 5, 2020
Condition : New
Location : Quezon City

Ozone Swim systems are the smart, environmentally friendly choice for pools and spas. In addition to reducing chlorine levels by up to 80% (depending on pool specifics), they effectively destroy organics, impurities, bacteria and virus and further oxygenate the water. Ozone Swim systems are also remarkable due to the fact that they destroy chlorine by-products (chloramines) and chlorine resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium. Did you know that it is chloramines (not Free Available Chlorine) that are known to cause eye, skin and respiratory irritations?


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